Dig the City – Manchester’s urban gardening festival.

Dig the City – Manchester’s urban gardening festival!

Recently I moved from  a ground floor flat with a massive garden that attracted all kinds of wildlife into a city centre flat with no outdoor space. Luckily it does have massive windows and captures the sun, so lately in lieu of my own outdoor plot I have become obsessed with my little house plants. I also love getting out into the green spaces of Manchester, and  therefore was extremely excited to find out that Dig the City – Manchester’s urban gardening festival was back for another year!

This festival sees the creation of beautiful urban gardens amongst the bustle of the city centre, there are little art, craft and of course – flower markets as well as outdoor bars and live music. There are loads of events on for families, the National Trust were exploring 50 things to do before you are 11 ¾ and on the days I visited there were loads of children busy making mudpies and making the most of a very windy day by flying colourful hand-made kites. Stockley Farm in the City were also keeping the children entertained over near Manchester Cathedral – I think the novelty of having animals you could pet just minutes away from the shops was keeping many adults entertained too!

However, a personal highlight for me was the colour that this festival brought to the city centre. Not only did the festival create some beautiful spaces, transforming features of the city into blooming delights but it felt as if the whole city centre contributed. All the pubs and restaurants revived their hanging baskets, and many of the shops created floral window displays. For a girl missing her own green space the city was transformed into a whimsical oasis full of magical surprises.

Anyway, I think that’s enough wittering on… here’s some pictures!

IMG_2846  IMG_2852

These photos are from a lovely Show Garden, which was based upon optical illusions. The grids of greenery on the floor led back to a sky scape of Manchester – whilst hidden amongst the mossy walls were peepholes lined with mirrors. Looking through these created a kaleidoscopic effect – which you can see below.











  I was inspired by the hanging baskets throughout the festival, in particular these ones which used unusual objects to house plants.


IMG_2858Not only were there flowers growing out of items such as boots and teapots hanging from the lampposts, but if you took a closer look amongst the greenery in the pots there were hidden items there too. I love how the pale china contrasts with the glossy colours!

IMG_2861 IMG_2862

Finally, I will leave you with a lovely picture of a piano sprouting with colourful blooms! Are any of you heading to Dig the City? I think I will be heading down tomorrow for a last wander before it all packs down. If you want to see more beautiful pictures of everything going on you can catch them on Twitter: @digthecitymcr