Life With a One Year Old

Well technically, one year and two weeks now! If you follow me over on Instagram you’ll know I have been absent on the blog and social media because well…. life happens!

So apologies little R, if you ever read this back and think ‘The cheek of mum! Couldn’t even write it on my birthday’. Number one, stop reading because well, there’s a lot of discussion about mummy and daddy’s sex life on here. And number two, mummy and daddy were busy farting around getting engaged and putting together a million pompom decorations for your first birthday party.

Anyway, I love reading these updates from other people because I have absolutely no bloody idea what children do when. And I know every child does things at their own pace, but it’s nice to have a vague idea… and also to read updates of older children and think holy mother of god there is so much to look forward to.

Without further ado, here is R at one year old…

F O O D:

Lets start with a good ‘un. We’ve been doing baby led weaning since R was a shade under six months old and it has been fantastic. At one year old he eats pretty much anything and everything that you put in front of him. Whilst he is in no way fussy, I do find it funny how he gets a taste for things, and will prefer that thing above all else, until the next thing takes his fancy. For example we had stew last week and he picked every last bit of beef and mushroom out of it before tackling the carrots and potatoes. Whereas this week he doesn’t seem so fond of meat and instead is relishing all things carby. When all else fails a bowl of yogurt and fresh berries is always a (very messy!) treat.

We swapped over to cows milk when he turned one, he had tried it on the odd occasion previously but as he is doing so well with his eating we decided just to ditch the formula altogether. At the same time we cut out his night time feed, just offering water if we think he wants it.

Whilst we do still use bottles for his milk he drinks well from a sippy cup, water bottle, and we do use his doidy cup with meals also. The next thing is to get rid of the bottles, but he loves his night night milk so much, I can see this being a battle.

S L E E P:

I’m going to write a full post up on this pretty soon, as we’ve been going through a rough patch, however *touch wood* there have been some significant improvements recently… long may this continue!

R still has two naps a day, which lets be honest, I don’t want to change because goddamn I need a cup of tea and time to de-stress and put on the washing and clean the dishes and water the poor neglected houseplants and maybe even pluck my eyebrows.

He naps for 1-2 hours in the morning, and another 40 minutes to an hour in the afternoon. Again, I have no idea when this will drop to one nap, but I am not looking forward to it!

Bedtime is between 7-7.30pm, and for us morning starts around 5-6am. We are currently down to one night time wake up, which means that for the first time in a year I am getting decent stretches of sleep. I am feeling SO SO SO much better for it, and it couldn’t have come at a better time as life is getting ever more hectic. Which brings us nicely on to…

R O U T I N E:

Lol, whut? No seriously guys R’s routine is more complicated than an Strictly rumba. (nice pop culture reference Becks, hitting your target audience HARD there). He is with granny one and a half days a week, the childminder one and a half days a week, grandad one day a week, then me on a Friday and bang bang boom its the weekend. Add that to a flurry of lunch dates, parties and kid-friendly outings and the poor child has no idea where he is or what he is up to.

He’s super happy though, he loves being out and about with different people and seeing different things. However it’s admittedly not something I had thought much about before I went back to work, I had just focused on getting the childcare for those days covered and not thought too much about him going from pillar to post. Ideally he would be in one place for those four days, but damnnnnn childcare is expensive and we are lucky to have family to help out. We also have an amazing super-supportive childminder, who has really helped him settle in, and is fantastic at keeping us up to date with what he’s up to.

We also nail the bedtime routine every night, dinner at six, then kisses goodnight, bath time, a little bit of playtime, then milk, snuggles, and bed. I’ve been trying to stick to this precisely as its a clear signal for bedtime, and also means we get some one on one time with R each day.

R A T E S:

Food / taking off his shoes and socks / climbing; he can climb onto his rocking chair, the sofa, and up the stairs / playing with a really fucking annoying duck / more food / investigating my nostrils / trying to pull out my eyelashes / even more food / birthday cake / turning the pages of books and magazines / music / dancing to music / baby shark do, do, do, do, doo-dooo / waving at strangers / being outside.

H A T E S:

Having his nappy changed / getting dressed / when you have different food on your plate to him / the baby gates / having his face wiped / the hoover.

N E W  T R I C K S:

This week sees the arrival of another new tooth, taking the total to nine! Although I am absolutely convinced that more will be through soon, his gums are red and swollen and we have had some very gross nappies – always a sign of new gnashers ahead.

Since he has turned one, certainly over the past few weeks, he has grown better and better at walking. R can go from all fours to standing unaided, and then he sets off tottering along by himself – preferring it to crawling now. This has also kicked off CLIMBING. Which he loves. He can get onto the sofa, his rocking chair, and was given a cute little stool for his birthday which he promptly flipped himself over.

He never stops moving, honestly, the older he gets the wilder he grows. Complete with growling. Yes my child is feral.

M U M M Y  N E E D S:

A coffee. Always a coffee.


B xo


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