Flat Tour: Things I Love

Flat tour: Things I Love

Hello! So this is something a little bit different, today I’m going to show you some peeks of the areas I love in my flat.  We (me and the boyfriend – Dan) recently moved in, less then two months ago; and whilst it is beginning to feel  a lot more like home we still have some big things to sort out. Mainly the bedroom as we needed more furniture, and whilst we managed to grab some bargains in a sale the delivery date keeps on getting delayed – so annoying! I also have a reading nook to furnish, as together our book collection overspills the bookshelves. If you like this post, I’ll show you some more of the flat when it is finished. Anyway as we’ve been moving our own stuff in I noticed how much of our interior is influenced by either books or television shows. I love reading, Dan loves computer games and we always have a television show on the go – so it’s not surprising really.



01. This is above the dining table, and there is a matching print of Londinium on the opposite wall. These are fictional travel posters from the television series Firefly. Dan introduced me to the series with the words, ‘it’s a space-western’ and I loved it immediately. I think these posters look really nice – but I definitely need some bigger plants on the table to fill that space.



02.I couldn’t decide where to put my orchid for ages, and moved it all around the living area. However I was looking for something to pair my quote (from Alice in Wonderland) with and I think that this is perfect. The whimsy of the orchid blossoms sets it off perfectly – and it’s at the foot of my bed, to remind me in the morning to dream of impossible things.


03. Lastly, I suppose this isn’t really décor but this cocktail book my friend got me is brilliant! Such good fun. Is it cheesy to love themed cookbooks?


What did you think of this post? Interesting or not? I’d love to know what geeky décor you have in your home!


Ps. If you want to have a look at the interior design that inspires me, then check out my Pinterest – I add new pictures pretty much every day and have a whole board dedicated to books, reading nooks and libraries.


5 thoughts on “Flat Tour: Things I Love

      1. I totally need to get myself one of those Persephone posters. They are awesome, I love when you can get wall art like that where it is not completely obvious where it is from unless someone is a fan 🙂


  1. Umm … I think I need that cocktail book! 😀 You have some lovely touches in your flat! We’re decorating our lounge/dining room at the moment, so we’re living in a bit of a building site and I’m dreaming of peaceful restful spaces!


    1. Awwww I know the feeling – when we moved in here they were replacing all the windows so we’ve only just begun to get settled! Hope your house is ready soon – thanks for the comment 🙂


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