What’s on my to-read list?

My to-read list.


I don’t know about you but I love any kind of blog post that is a little bit nosey. Have you seen those ones where people post what is in their handbag? Or answer twenty questions? I love them. So it’s no surprise that I also love seeing what other people are reading. As my to-read shelf was looking pretty plump I thought I would share what I am planning on reading in the next couple of weeks!


Brian Jacques: Mariel of Redwall / Salamandastron

These books made up so much of my childhood and I think are probably where my interest in fantasy fiction stems from.  They are set in an animal kingdom and follow the tale of Redwall Abbey, fore founder of which is the mouse warrior Martin. The woodland creatures in the Abbey and its surroundings strive for a peaceful existence; however this is constantly threatened by armies of rats weasels and ferrets – as well as sinister double-headed snakes which stalk the woods. Whilst battling these enemies, riddles must be deciphered and legends of times past consulted in order for the mice of Redwall to win the day. These are great books for children, the animals all speak in various British dialects which are hilarious and the descriptive passages of the feasts in the Abbey appeal to young and old. Re-reading them (I finished the first in the series, Redwall recently) was something I was tentative about, but they stand up to the test. Easy reads, but enthralling.

George R.R. Martin – A Dance with Dragons 2: After the Feast

I suppose this is technically another re-read – but I’m trying to finish the series off. If you want to see reviews of the other books in the series (and a comparison to the television show) then here’s the link to one of my previous posts. I don’t want to post any spoilers but I will say this, I LOVE Arya’s story in this book. It’s so strange and different from what is happening to every other character – you definitely get the feeling that she is going to blossom and be pretty spectacular in the books to come. I’m excited to finish this book, but also impatient for the next one to be published!

Justin Cronin – The Passage

Do any of you go on reddit a lot? There is a great subreddit which is all about books and I have to confess that quite often when looking for a recommendation I have a browse on there. If you have never been on reddit before then where have you been?! Go go go!! The Passage was recommended as a good post-apocalyptic read, something that I am really interested in. It details the collapsing of the world due to a highly contagious virus which turns its victims into vampirical beings. I’m really looking forward to reading this; expect a review of it soon.


René Char – Furor and Mystery & Other Writings

René Char is a French surrealist poet that I became interested in due to Foucault citing him, something I discovered whilst researching for my dissertation. I bought a couple of volumes of his poetry and apart from the occasional dip into them haven’t really worked my way through them. This is a great volume as it contains the original French alongside the English translations.


David Starkey – Elizabeth

Peter Ackroyd – The History of England: Volume II Tudors

My wonderful boyfriend is to thank for these two! Recently I was saying that I would be interested in reading some more historical books, and he asked what time period I wanted to read about. The Tudors – particularly Lady Jane Grey and Elizabeth the 1st – have always fascinated me so I thought that would be a good place to start. Being the sweetie he is, he treated me to not one but two books on the Tudors! I think I will see how these go and potentially you could see more historical books cropping up on this page.


Naomi Wolf – Vagina A New Biography

Well, I really wasn’t sure what to categorise this one as! I’ve had this sitting on my bookshelf for a while, and started reading it a while ago but gave it up quite quickly. That’s not because it wasn’t interesting, but I think you need to be prepared to really think about this book and be engaged with the discussion it provokes. Naomi Wolf begins by talking about her own experiences, how despite being happy and sexually fulfilled one day she noticed that her orgasms were no longer taking her to that ‘other’ place. This was directly related to a mild form of spinal bifida that was causing the pelvis nerves to become compressed, thus affecting her orgasm. After successful surgery Wolf began to investigate further into the pelvic nerve and how because the nerve wiring varied from woman to woman it could affect their ability to experience orgasm. Sexuality is another of my areas of interest and I think that this book is going to be eye opening, provided I stick it out this time!

I’m extremely keen to get started on this list, there’s a good varied selection in there and I am quite happy to be tackling different areas in my reading. Have any of you read these books? Were they any good? If you have anything to recommend to me please do!



6 thoughts on “What’s on my to-read list?

  1. I love your “To read” list. I have been thinking of putting one of these posts together myself, but I am slightly ashamed of how many books are on it hahaha. Have you checked out my reviews from my 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge? You might enjoy them 🙂
    I LOVE Arya’s story too, she is definitely my favourite. I am impressed by Sansa’s development too, she starts off as a typical privileged young girl, but you start to see her mother’s strength in her. I can’t wait for the next book. Parts of the last book made me very sad 😦


    1. I think they make for great posts! I’m always interested in what other people have on their TRL. I have heaps more books waiting to be read but I whittled it down to the ones that I will definitely read in the next few weeks. Just looked at your 52 books in 52 weeks reviews – they are great :D! Such a good concept for a challenge, I always find I have reading-lulls so that would make me get through them 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for checking it out! It started out because I never found time to read and I wanted to make sure I was making time for it this year, I am really enjoying it! My reviews aren’t as in-depth as some peoples because I look at my feedback as a recommendation to read it or not 🙂 If they decide to read it I don’t want to have spoiled it for them haha.
        I also love it because I have forced myself to read things I wouldn’t normally and that has been really interesting.


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